Plan Your Next Microsoft Solution with Confidence.

Microsoft technologies offer an overwhelming number of choices for your solutions’ architecture, many of which seem to do the same thing. How do you choose?

Directions on Microsoft subject matter experts help you cut through the confusion with informed advice and insights, so you target the right Microsoft technologies and license them the right way. You save time architecting your solution and have confidence that you have not overlooked anything important. 

Examples of Architecture Advice & Guidance projects include:

  • Designing Your End-State Power BI Deployment, and How to Get There
  • Ensuring Compliance with Microsoft 365
  • Designing Cost-Effective Georedundant Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Creating and Managing a Hybrid Cloud
  • Managing Your Data in the Cloud: When, How, and Why Use Azure SQL, Synapse, Cosmos, etc.
  • Protecting Your Apps and Data: How to Use Microsoft’s Security Technologies

Deliverables include access to Directions on Microsoft experts and a custom report documenting their recommendations for your solution architecture.

Learn how DOM experts can optimize your Microsoft solution architecture.